There is an energy that comes from listening to Wendy and Gregg that is beyond the limitation of our everyday consciousness. It was not until days later, and without any conscious effort on my part, that I realized that my life had begun to change for the better. Energy blocks are beginning to break down, past emotional traumas are purging, and the basis for my healing process has begun. All from just listening!

— G.S., Connecticut

The “Lion’s Gate Portal” episode was a fantastic video!! I took notes. Gregg, you gave me so many wonderful nuggets of useful practices from raising my thoughts and words to a higher vibration, what and how to ask the Universe for my needs all the way to a smash-hit meditation. Wow!! THANK YOU SOO MUCH!! 💜💐💜 Life changing video!!

— Happy YouTube Fan

I found your broadcast concerning Paranormal Experiences engaging and informative. Trust and intellect are key to my wanting to participate in ANYTHING, and I admire Gregg Kirk’s projects because both qualities are present.

— E.A., Massachusetts

I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you, Wendy, for the wonderful, guided meditation from the podcast episode Energy Management Part II (about the chakras). I just did it, and it really helped me to feel more relax and grounded. And perhaps for the first time in my life, I was able to “sense” some “higher power” (some help from the non-physical dimension). 

Most of the time I just invalidate anything I “sense” but which I cannot “see” of confirm through direct observation that others can also confirm. “Trusting the higher power” is not easy for me, especially in my current condition after long COVID. But this time I just decided to “flow with it” and to trust it. 

And actually, earlier on I did receive a “confirmation” of some kind (this was earlier on when I was doing EFT on me), because a name that I had totally forgotten but that should have remembered it (some consequences of long COVID mental fog), magically just came into my mind without even having my attention on it at that moment. Not just the name, but also the last name. 

And this was the one name I had not been able to remember after really trying since last night. 

I am still fearful about not being able to sense a guide and/or a higher power, and to be without help. But today was a very good first step thanks to you! 

I’ve been listening/watching many episodes from the podcast, and it is really helping me to feel some sort of direction. 

I really appreciate what you and Gregg have been doing.

— P.T., San Juan, Puerto Rico 

Enlightenment! Truly feel like I am on an evolved plane when I listen to both of you speak. Thank you so much!

— S.Y., Australia

It’s really been enjoyable to watch your videos. It always has something pertaining to current events or challenges. It challenges belief systems and usually leaves us with something uplifting too. I also enjoyed the meditation where Wendy took us to a healing place with crystals; it helped the discomfort I was experiencing.

— R.M., Maine