Connecting to Your Spirit Guides: 5/16/20

In our inaugural broadcast on May 16, 2020, co-hosts Wendy Rose Williams and Gregg Kirk discussed the topic of “Connecting to Your Spirit Guides.” Watch this episode to get advice to learn how to connect with your Guides and work together to benefit from their loving wisdom and support.

Live questions are also heard from the broadcast audience and entertained.

To view the 32 minute broadcast in its entirety, you must be a member of our private Facebook Group “Waking Up Spiritually.” If you’re not already a member, please contact us to request an invitation.


2 Responses to “Connecting to Your Spirit Guides: 5/16/20

  • Shivranjana
    4 years ago

    Hi! I cant seem to find a way to watch this! I keep on clicking on the button but it takes me to a link that is unavailable.

    • Hi Shivranjana, this episode “Connecting to your Spirit Guides” was our first broadcast and the only one we did not record on YouTube. You need to be a Facebook group member of our “Waking Up Spiritually” group to be able to access the link, and I just added you to the group. You should be able to access the link now. Please let us know if you can’t.

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