How to Start The Revolution of Love — 7/18/22

In our broadcast on July 18, 2022, co-hosts Wendy Rose Williams and Gregg Kirk discussed channeled information Gregg has received in his weekly Online Group Healing Circles pertaining to How to Start The Revolution of Love. The two hosts discussed such topics as what your personal role is during chaotic times, how to “maintain your own garden” of energy, and realizing “there are no others” in terms of practicing loving kindness. Details were given on how to actively practice and activate loving acts and vibrations to cause a chain reaction of love around the world… and ultimately, The Revolution of Love!

Live questions are also heard from the broadcast audience and entertained.

To view the 52-minute broadcast in its entirety, click the video button below. To become a member of our private Facebook Group “Waking Up Spiritually,” please contact us to request an invitation.



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