Channeling with Two Marys — 7/21/23

In our broadcast on July 21, 2023, co-hosts Wendy Rose Williams and Gregg Kirk provided a special presentation in honor of the Feast of St. Mary Magdalene on July 22. During the broadcast Wendy went into a meditative state and established a channel with Mary Magdalene while Gregg asked a number of questions. 

To the surprise of both hosts, Magdalene’s mother-in-law soon joined the conversation to relate information about the life of herself and her son Yeshua Ben Joseph. Many falsehoods and misconceptions of the lives of the two Marys as well as Jesus were set straight, and advice was given to those in the listening audience.

To view the 43-minute broadcast in its entirety, click the video button below.
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  • Thank you for such a beautiful gift of the counsel of Mary Magdalene and Mother Mary. I will be listening to this again💞

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