Breaking Cycles That No Longer Serve — 1/10/21

In our broadcast on January 10, 2021, co-hosts Wendy Rose Williams and Gregg Kirk discussed cycles, patterns and habits that no longer serve you and ways to discontinue them. The conversation also ventured into discussing removing curses, past-life contracts and other trick agreements that might be draining your energy and causing you to fall into negative patterns of behavior. Gregg led a guided meditation at the end of the broadcast to help viewers remove these contracts and curses and to re-establish our personal sovereignty and to re-align ourselves with our life’s purpose.

Live questions are also heard from the broadcast audience and entertained.

To view the 61-minute broadcast in its entirety, you must be a member of our private Facebook Group “Waking Up Spiritually.” If you’re not already a member, please contact us to request an invitation.


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