Balancing the Ego — 3/14/21

In our broadcast on March 14, 2021, co-hosts Wendy Rose Williams and Gregg Kirk discussed Balancing the Ego. The hosts focused the discussion on both sides of the ego (inferior and superior) and how an unbalanced ego can manifest physical symptoms. Recommendations were made on how to clear blocks and ego imbalances, and Gregg led the group through a clearing meditation that restores balance to the root chakra, high heart area and the solar plexus chakra where he believes the bulk of the ego energies reside.

Live questions are also heard from the broadcast audience and entertained.

To view the 53-minute broadcast in its entirety, you must be a member of our private Facebook Group “Waking Up Spiritually.” If you’re not already a member, please contact us to request an invitation.




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