Astrology & Numerology for 2022 — 1/9/22

In our broadcast on January 9, 2022, co-hosts Wendy Rose Williams and Gregg Kirk discussed Astrology & Numerology for 2022, based on input from expert astrologist Debbie Buss from the U.K. The two hosts discussed the predicted themes that would be coming up for the new year that will be influenced by some pivotal changes in the heavenly bodies of the solar system — including Pluto’s first return (or full orbit) back to the position it was 248 years ago. The hosts also have some personal takes on how to best approach the coming changes in the year.

Live questions are also heard from the broadcast audience and entertained.

To view the 39-minute broadcast in its entirety, you must be a member of our private Facebook Group “Waking Up Spiritually.” If you’re not already a member, please contact us to request an invitation.


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