About Us

Wendy Rose Williams, MBA
Hypnotherapist/ Reiki Master Energy Healer
Certified Spiritual Teacher

Wendy had a Near-Death Experience (NDE) in 1997 while pregnant with her youngest daughter. She met her Angels for the first time while home alone, lying unconscious on the floor with  a ruptured aorta.

Meeting the soul mate Wendy contracted with to ‘wake her up spiritually’ led her to Dr. Michael Newton’s ‘Journey of Souls.’ These two events in tandem triggered a rapid & profound spiritual awakening.

She experienced stunning physical & emotional breakthroughs from her own past-life regressions & other healing work,  including releasing an over 40-year battle with debilitating daily chronic pain & mobility issues.

The remarkable difference in Wendy’s quality of life that resulted from healing her own past/ parallel lives inspired her to help others release pain, anxiety, depression & other energy that no longer serves them.

Wendy is currently trained and certified in the following modalities and offers them in her healing practice:

  • Certified for Regression Healing/ Past-Life Regression
    (Quantum Healing Centre, United Kingdom)
  • Trained with Dr. Brian Weiss (“Many Lives, Many Masters”)
  • Life Between Lives Regression Therapy (Karen Wells)
  • Ordained Minister

Visit Wendy’s dedicated website to learn more about her and her practice>>>

Gregg Kirk
Reiki Master/Theta Healer/Remote Energy Healer/Lyme Disease Consultant

Gregg Kirk has been practicing Reiki, Theta Healing, Human Tuning, Past-life Regression and Remote Energy Healing for more than two decades. He also firmly believes that the label of “healer” is a misnomer — he doesn’t do the healing. He holds space and facilitates love and healing energy from a higher source outside himself.

Kirk got his introduction to the healing arts in 1997 when he learned Usui Reiki techniques from a Reiki master and assistant, and he is currently a certified Reiki Master in the state of Connecticut. After receiving further training in Theta Healing and Gerald O’Donnell’s well-known remote viewing program, he combined the sum of these principals to develop his own energy protocol, with the addition of guided information he has received over the past few decades. Each energy session Kirk now gives is an entirely-guided experience that incorporates aspects of the above modalities along with astral projection, releasing attachments and blockages, and elements of Reflexology, Cranial Sacral, and Human Tuning (tuning forks) techniques. A majority of his clients have reported powerful healings and life-changing moments as a result of this work.

At the beginning of the new millennium, Kirk received several powerful attunements that triggered an ability to astral project and receive information from the Akashic Records. He was then able to help clients with blocked energy and energetic attachments by working with the client’s spiritual guides to decipher past-life traumas and their meaning. He is also able to clear homes and objects of negative energy and attachments.

In December of 2016 Kirk was trained by Dr. Lee Cowden, MD in treatment guidance of the Cowden Protocol, a very successful all-herbal treatment program for Lyme disease patients. He is also a registered practitioner of the CellCore protocols. Since his training, Kirk has been helping Lyme patients all across the country with the protocol as well as herbal supplements and detox treatments he utilized in his own healing journey.

In 2018, Kirk published the book “The Gratitude Curve.” The memoir chronicles his healing struggles, lessons learned and road he took to recovery. Not simply a recounting of his conquest over a life-threatening affliction, the book focuses on the attitudes and hidden lessons that changed the trajectory of his life for the better while also delving into the uncharted realms of spirituality and mystical healing and their very real impact on patients of chronic diseases.

He has also helped patients of all kinds with remote and in-person Reiki/energy sessions. Details of some of the improvements patients have experienced are documented in several case studies Kirk presents in the video at the bottom of this page.

Kirk is available for in-person consultations for herbal Lyme treatments, detox protocols, and Reiki/energy sessions at the Lyme Recovery Clinic & Detox Center at 528 Post Road Darien, CT. He is also available for phone and Skype consults as well as Remote Energy Balancing sessions by phone.

Visit Gregg’s dedicated website to learn more about him and his practice>>>